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Stream Ducky's “Two Over Ten" (Natasha Kmeto remix)

Ducky is the singer filling in wide gaps between Boho Brooklyn musician and pop-songstress with an edge. The sultry star-on-the-rise—born Born Morgan Neim—not only has a stellar set of pipes, she’s also got laser-like intuition in the music studio.

Case and point: Ducky’s emotional and incensing record, “Two Over Ten,” haunts listeners without falling prey to overused production trickery.

"The title is actually a reference to the symbol 2/10, used during the Great Depression. It means, 'hush, there are thieves about!'" Ducky said in a recent interview.

Since Ducky is too deep for most of us, DJ Mag snagged a captivating and super tight “Two Over Ten” remix by Natasha Kmeto to brighten the day. Plug in.