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Premiere: Eats Everything ‘No Seatin Available’

Eats Everything dives into the techno depths on ‘No Seatin Available’, the B-Side from his hammering ‘Bettah’ EP on Carl Cox’s Intec label...

The mighty Eats Everything has been branching further and further into heady techno territory lately. While always versatile and innovative in his infamous club sets, the Bristol-born DJ/producer had become known in recent years for a pretty distinct tech-house sound. Now however, that seems to be changing. 

He has just stepped up on Carl Cox and Jon Rundell’s Intec label with his most raucous, heady release to date. The ‘Bettah’ EP finds the Edible label don – real name Daniel Pearce – serving up two dancefloor demolishers that we expect to be hearing for quite some time.

The title track has much the same flair that we’ve come to expect from Eats but this time the kicks seem somehow heftier, the energy somehow more forceful among the chopped vocal samples and wonky horns.

‘No Seatin Available’ – premiering below – is the most Detroit sounding thing we’ve ever heard coming from the producer. A minimal groove hops and bounces forward while sliced vocal cuts hurtle about as the tracks builds in intensity to a massive peak.

‘Bettah’ is out this Friday 27th July. You can pre-order it here.