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Premiere: Felix Leifur ‘Buster’

Dirt Crew Recordings ready their ‘Deep Love 2018’ compilation. Felix Leifur’s ‘Buster’ is smooth and jazzy percussive house jam…

Dirt Crew Recordings is one of those labels that always brings the jazzy groove. Their forthcoming ‘Deep Love 2018’ compilation is no exception.

Set for release on 10th September, the seventh edition of the label’s compilation series features 10 cuts from some of their most prominent artists, including Ponty Mython, Harry Wolfman and Times Are Ruff.

Icelandic producer Felix Leifur’s ‘Buster’ is one of the comp’s highlights, rolling forward with loose percussion, smooth and jazzy keys and a lush vibe. One for the Heist fans and folks who like to dance in loud, colourful shirts.

You can pre-order ‘Deep Love 2018’ here