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Premiere: Gaunt 'Say What'

Jack Warne AKA Gaunt delivers a cryptic techno beast in the form of ‘Say What?’ on London’s THEM Records...

Gaunt’s ‘Don’t Trip’ EP is a dark, formidable release that is equal parts stark and energised. 'The London producer’s brand of cryptic, noise-driven techno has garnered support from the likes of Randomer, Mosca, Peder Mannerfelt, Tzusing and Sunil Sharpe in recent months and the forthcoming EP’s opening track has been the clattering gem in many a Ben UFO set throughout the past year, stirring nothing short of mayhem in clubs since it made its propulsive debut.

That opener, ‘Say What?’ – premiering below – is testament to the ferocious energy of this release, Warne’s first since 2015’s ‘MMRH’ EP on Beneath's Mistry imprint.  The track is a rattling, metallic beast that drives forth with relentless percussive force and unnerving vocal samples. Drawing on industrial and EBM sensibilities, this is track designed for the darkness of a warehouse, for the depths of a basement.

Released on London’s THEM records – who have notched releases from Ansome and JoeFarr – this is not to be slept on. It’s out this Friday 23rd March and features artwork from Gaunt himself – real name Jack Warne – and Christian Gyde. You can pre-order it here.