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Premiere: High Class Filter ‘Robbed’

Scuffed Recordings head honcho and Reprezent Radio resident High Class Filter serves up a percussive, supercharged cut of wiry electronics from his forthcoming ‘Elemental’ EP...

Will Gulseven AKA High Class Filter’s Scuffed Recordings launched in October 2017 with DJ Ronald Reagan’s ferocious ‘Cold War Funk’ EP. Along with Definite Party Material's Ian DPM, Gulseven has been using the label to champion emerging leftfield house and techno with some stellar results.

Now, High Class Filter is set to launch his own EP on the label in the form of ‘Elemental’. The leading track from the release, ‘Robbed’ - premiering below –  is a percussive, supercharged cut of wiry electronics and hectic rhythm, made for peak time flailing.

This, alongside the introspective, spacious title track and the frenzied ‘80s synth arpeggios of ‘Tanya’ makes for a versatile and joyous release that is in fitting with his propensity for dynamically charged DJ sets and radio shows where you’re as likely to hear selections of UK funky, gqom and soca as techno, house and garage.

You can pre-order ‘Elemental’ via Scuffed Recording’s Bandcamp. Listen to ‘Robbed’ below.