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Exclusive premiere from the drum & bass don!

Icicle has kindly given DJ Mag an exclusive first play of a huge cut from his new album 'Entropy'. As Shogun Audio's resident scientist, Icicle has brought his future leaning drum and bass productions to the next level with this new album, whilst still maintaining his unique tech-y sci-fi sound.

Renowned for his incredible sound design and highly original style of sci-fi drum and bass, there's been a lot of buzz around Icicle's second album, and for good reason, this work is a glimpse into the future of drum and bass. Icicle is well and truly ahead of the curve, and this is in no small part due to the wide range of influences he has drawn from on this new LP — techno, dubstep, trip-hop, and film music all have their say and when combined with Icicle's solid foundations in drum and bass the result is something special indeed.

'Will You Be Mine', features a brilliant vocal from new talent Sarah Hezen which gives the track a distinct trip-hop feel that works perfectly in contrast with the crisp drum and bass beats that roll beneath it. A perfect example of the album's wide range of influences and futuristic styles.

Listen to the track below: