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Premiere: Jamaica Suk ‘Vision’

Thrilling, pitch-dark techno from Berlin-based, Bay Area native Jamaica Suk. ‘Vision’ evokes her minimalist and ambient fascinations to make an enveloping, distorted dancefloor brawler…

On her new EP for Establishment Records, ‘Clockwise’, DJ/producer/sound engineer Jamaica Suk evokes her backgrounds in jazz, metal, dark-ambient and drone to deliver a four-track serving of relentless techno for the depths of the dancefloor.

A regular at boundary-pushing Berlin party Pornceputal, Suk channels her early influences of artists like Sunn O))) and Godspeed! You Black Emperor to create harrowing, cavernous techno with lush soundscapes propped on top of bone-shattering beats. The EP also comes with a killer remix of 'Clockwise' by Pulse One. 

On ‘Vision’, Suk creates an enveloping, distorted dancefloor brawler with screeching melodies and a ferocious backdrop.

‘Clockwise’ drops on 13th July. You can pre-order it here.