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Premiere: JK Flesh ‘Genetics’

Justin Broadrick readies new JK Flesh album ‘New Horizon’ on Electric Deluxe. ‘Genetics’ is a typically merciless jolt of brutal techno…

Justin Broadrick will release his new album under his JK Flesh moniker on the 31st August. ‘New Horizon’ marks the second full-length outing from the longstanding producer, multi-instrumentalist and eardrum demolisher following 2016’s ‘Rise Above’.

As founding member of boundary pushing metal acts Godflesh and Jesu, Broadrick’s sound has always been defined by its dense, multi-layered walls of noise and merciless brutality. As JK Flesh those thematic ideas are still very much intact, save for the Birmingham native trading in the guitar for electronics. The results are ferocious, challenging and, once the quake in your bones starts to feel normal, infinitely rewarding.

Set for release on Speedy J’s Electric Deluxe label, ‘New Horizon’ is described as “a study in resolution, timber and distortion”. Fierce, dub influenced techno beats and harrowing, distorted forms course through the album’s eight tracks as Broadrick builds a narrative based on humanity’s route to extinction, dystopian existence and mysterious evolution.

‘Genetics’ – premiering below – marks the mid-point of the LP. Offering no respite, it is a noise-laden jolt of dark, industrial techno that bounds forth with distorted electronic waves and hammering percussion. By the end you’ll be out of breath and more than ready for the album’s second half.

 This is, of course, not the only electronic alias Broadrick has worked with over the years. From 1990 to 2001, Broadrick and Kevin Martin AKA The Bug operated as Techno Animal, making caustic industrial hip hop. The pair reformed in 2017 under the new ZONAL moniker for a selection live shows, including a number of performances with experimental, punk and noise poet Moor Mother. 

'New Horizon' will be available through Electric Deluxe's Bandcamp.