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Premiere: Lugh ‘Skototrope’

Berlin-based, west of Ireland native Lugh channels Oneohtrix Point Never, Arca and Klein on his debut EP ‘Hélico’. ‘Skototrope’ is a gyroscope of ambient textures and lucid melodic stabs…

For his debut EP on emerging art and music collective C.A.N.V.A.S. Berlin-based, west of Ireland native artist Lugh treads the line between lush ambience and impactful – and at times harrowing – sound design.

With the goal of the EP – entitled ‘Hélico’ – stated as being the creation of a “very real and tangible experience that is somehow lost in an uncanny virtual space”, one can find the marrying of the meditative and menacing, the calm and combustible, the positive and negative throughout, leaving us with an end result that is not unlike a dream with nightmarish flashes. Like a beautifully shot horror film.

Following the sharing of opening tracks ‘Million Dollar Cowboy’ and ‘Teeth In My Hands’, third track ‘Skototrope’ – premiering below – is  a gyroscope of ambient textures and lucid melodic stabs.

“‘Skototrope’ is about the self-realisation and acknowledgement of a certain attraction to somehow somber and negative realities,” says the EP’s accompanying text. “The track portrays the delicate tension between feelings of disappointment and defeat and the tender affection for those negative aspects, which one continues to cherish and explore.”

'Hélico' drops tomorrow 21st June. Get your copy here