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Listen to “In and Out” before its release on Toolroom Records

Toolroom Records boss Mark Knight is gearing up for the release of his latest ‘Bullets Vol. 3’ EP. Knight’s productions perfectly capture retro futuristic tendencies that give listeners, young and old, a schooling of the universal laws of house from a mastermind in the business.

With 2014 halfway done and the summer in full flex, Knight’s “In and Out” single has upbeat progressive melodies, Latin-inspired rhythms and vocals, and a dose old-school rave funk - very fitting for a pool party in the sun.

Give it a spin, then read our quick fire head-to-head with Mark Knight after the jump.

DJ Mag: Describe your sound at the moment in three words?
Mark Knight:Good house music.”

What was your approach to creating this track?
“The idea was to make something that had that garage feel to it and give it some more energy and accessibility. Everything is so clubby and devoid of energy, so I wanted to marry these principals and make it sound relevant to all. This sound was very much my roots back in the mid ‘90s, so it wasn’t hard to do my thing and make it relevant to now.”

What are you looking forward to most this summer?
“I’m touring so much this summer that the whole season is going to be mad lol. Cacao Beach in Bulgaria is always one of the best gigs of the year. I get to play to 5000 people in the sun, what more could you ask for?”

Is “In and Out” a sexual innuendo, a reference to the burger chain... or something else?
“Haha, none of the above, but the burger chain is probably the best shout.”