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Premiere: Marshall Applewhite ‘Destroy The Silence’

Detroit producer Marshall Applewhite steps up on Scuffed Recordings for its eighth outing. ‘Destroy The Silence’ is a warped, bass-laden electro cut that doesn’t loosen its grip for a second...

Marshall Applewhite describes his sound as “Detroit Sludge”. 

Crafting a style that is indebted to his hometown’s bassy and industrial electro legacy, the illusive DJ/producer has released under numerous monikers (OktoRed, Cocky Balboa, Star Machine and Secret Shower) on numerous labels including Detroit Underground, How To Kill and Clan Destine. With a slew of releases on his own labels YoSucka! and Junted as well, the producer has been nothing if not prolific in recent years, always delivering with a style that is harrowing, hypnotic and irresistable.

Now, he steps up on London-label Scuffed Recordings with ‘Destroy The Silence’, three more formidable and fearsome cuts of that sludgy electro that grabs you by the chest and doesn’t let go for a split second.

Launched in October 2017 by Reprezent Radio resident High Class Filter AKA Will Gulseven and Definite Party Material's Ian DPM, Scuffed has been championing emerging leftfield sounds with incredibly consistent results. One of our favourite emerging UK labels.

The title track of Marshall Applewhite’s EP – premiering below – is, as expected, a warped, bass-laden track that heaves and lurches forward with the intensity of a pneumatic drill. Pure savagery.

‘Destroy The Silence’ is out on 31st August. Pre-order it here