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Premiere: Mella Dee 'Stack Select'

Donny's Mella Dee serves up four new heaters on his latest EP for his Warehouse Music imprint, 'Techno Belters'. Hear the minimal percussion and wonky synth work on the EP closer, 'Stack Select', now

Mella Dee will drop a new EP this month.

Marking the tenth release on his own Warehouse Music, following Spencer Parker's 'When You Gonna Learn' EP in June this year, Mella Dee will drop four new tracks on the esteemed imprint.

Incoming in both a digital format and pressed to Mella Dee's coveted crayon box-coloured vinyls, the 'Techno Belters' EP will drop on the 27th September, and it does exactly as its title suggests.

From the hectic, peak-time title track to 'Jack U Later (Floatation Device Mix)’, a gritty, acid-tinged roller, the UK warehouse and North American influence on Mella Dee's music from integral techno artists such as Floorplan and Derrick May is ever-present. 

'Stack Select' closes the EP on a high. Blending minimal percussion and warped, wobbling synth, Mella Dee creates a certified, off-kilter anthem that bubbles steadily throughout its entirety.

Listen to 'Stack Select' below and pre-order 'Techno Belters' here