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Premiere: Meta ‘Fault Line’

London’s Meta contribute to new UK label Par Avion’s debut release ‘Passed for Transmission Vol. 1’. ‘Fault Line’ is an injection of bass electricity and razor sharp intensity...

Throw your summer anthems out the filthy window you cowards, this is the track of the season. Emerging UK label Par Avion have their debut release landing next Friday 10th August and with three equally blazing cuts in the pocket, this is the very definition of a bold introduction.

You might recognise Meta’s ‘Fault Line’ from our recent Fresh Kicks mix with emerging UK bass and techno producer Yak. A track that fuses the bass-laden intensity of labels like Timedance (Batu, Ploy) and Hessle Audio with head down, feverish techno, it’s  one of those cuts that is guaranteed ignite any dancefloor it touches. Much in the same way Ploy’s ‘Ramos’ has already done this year, or like Barnt’s ‘Chappell’ did in 2015 or like ‘Hyph Mngo’ will do until the end of time.

Meta are best known as the notorious closing DJs for infamous arena rave, Boomslan but have been quietly prolific on the production front for a couple of years too. ‘Fault Line’ marks their biggest statement to date.

As the official press release describes it, “Fucked.”

Also featured on ‘Passed for Transmission Vol. 1’ are emerging producers Agrippa and Henry Greenleaf with two equally blistering tracks.

Pre-order ‘Passed for Transmission Vol. 1’ here.