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Hear hotly-tipped newcomers Midnight Mass' anthemic new leftfield EP

Midnight Mass are a completely fresh new duo ready to make their mark on the scene. Consisting of two so far unnamed "lone guards who have circumvented the techno, house and disco scenes for a couple of years, lurking in the shadows and occasionally cracking the charts with leftfield weapons written from the heart" — they might sound unsuspecting, but their first EP shows that these guys mean business.

The EP lies somewhere in between drone, experimental and the 'primitive sound'. If Daniel Avery and Midland were to collab it might sound something akin to this! (A big claim, but we'll let the track back it up).

'Napalm On Wildflowers' is a leftfield anthem of staggering beauty, overflowing with emotion and elegance. Its hypnotic melodies exercise refrain and progression perfectly, creating a mind-controlling melancholic sound that is unstoppable when it hits the floor.

Listen here:

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