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DJ Mag takes an exclusive look at Millions Like Us' brilliant new EP...

Responsible for the success of acts such as Gemini, KOAN Sound and Culprate, Inspected is one of the most revered UK bass music labels on the scene today.

Having started out purely as a YouTube channel, their success led to them starting their own label and their own line of clothing. The music they represent is a mix of UK bass, dubstep and glitch-hop, bringing together dancefloor tearout with intricate and euphoric melodies. 

Their latest four-track EP from UK bass duo Millions Like Us is an affirmation of Inspected's quality control, the attention to detail on every track is simply stunning. It's clear that Millions Like Us have really stepped up their production from their last EP, possibly even rivalling that of Dutch acts such as Noisia and Neosignal.

For DJ Mag the stand out track on the EP has to be 'Time's Up', featuring Redders who you may know from his recent single with Sam Binga. The mix of crisp breakbeats, devastating basslines and Redders' whispered flow makes for an anthemic banger that's guaranteed to tear up any dancefloor it hits.

Stream the whole EP exclusively from the DJ Mag SoundCloud here: