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Premiere: Morcheeba ‘It’s Summertime (Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas Remix)

Cosmic disco dons Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas dish up a divine remix of trip hop mainstays Morcheeba’s recent single ‘It’s Summertime’...

This June saw the release of longstanding trip hop outfit Morcheeba’s first album in over five years, ‘Blaze Away’. A luxuriant return to form for the act, it served as an ideal companion to lazy summer days when it was too warm to do anything other than lie around.

Now that summer sun seems to be gradually creeping away and we need to start moving again to keep ourselves energised, Morcheeba have lined up a loose and lively remix of their single ‘It’s Summertime’ that should do just the trick. Enlisting Scandinavian cosmic disco dons Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas to bring new zeal to the lush, breezy original mix seems nothing short of an inspired decision and highlights the act’s malleability to suit multiple moods.

The remix is a typically classy, electrified and fun affair and reminds us again of why Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas are considered some of the best in the game. 

There are four remixes set to drop this month: The lead remix – premiering below –, a dub edit, an instrumental version and a radio edit.

You can pre-save the ‘It’s Summertime’ remixes here.