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Listen to “Vostok” ahead of its release on Division

It’s been nearly three years since Neosignal began injecting dance floors around the globe with an innovative, brutal sound. And while the namesake is still relatively new, its members Florian Harres and Michael Bräuninger are both long-time veterans in the dance music industry. Performing as Phace and Misanthrop, respectively, each boasts a well-crafted collection of tunes from their successful solo projects. But as Neosignal, their partnership is an enigmatic fusion of sounds and styles, creating a beautiful cataclysm of cinematic journeys.

Neosignal’s 2013 debut album Raum and Zeit was lauded for its forward-thinking and uncompromising vision and on their forthcoming EP, "Space Gsus," the German outfit continues to redesign their tenor and with a dancefloor appeal. Flipping the bird to staying within the confines of one BPM and genre, "Space Gsus" showcases a marriage of techno, electro and bass music and what’s even more exciting, is that the boys have spent the last 18 months conceptualizing a live show in conjunction with the seven-tracker. Moving away from the standard DJ set, Neosignal will do a one-way performance of "Space Gsus" with accompanying visuals and after you hear the lead single, you’ll understand why this show cannot be missed.

Immediately grabbing your attention, “Vostok” pummels through the speaker with an unabashedly aggressive and distorted mid range. Creatively filling every parameter of a measure, the track’s hi-hats oscillate around triplet counts while the uptempo kick drum maintains a half step pattern throughout, giving “Vostok” its drumstep flavor. The fluctuating frequencies of the lead bass and vocal chops of the sample may taut a digital style in structure, but overall, “Vostok” has an aesthetic that is very much analogue in nature.

Listen to the full track on DJ Mag before Division Records unleashes it to the masses on October 13.

words: Brittany Gaston