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Dope D.O.D 'Rocket' video produced by Noisia

Holland's Dope D.O.D, the lyrically flamboyant trio of MC Dope Rotten, Jay Reaper and Skits Vicious, have teamed up with their home town d&b and dubstep buddies Noisia to release their first collaborated single 'Rocket'.

Having supported the likes of Snoop Dogg, Limp Bizkit and American metal band Korn you would be right in suspecting Dope D.O.D are not accustomed to a soft touch.

With bars “The rhyme gets injected like smack in you blood stream, Dope D.O.D is the code for the drug fiends.” It is fair to assume that the rest of the rhymes do not include fond memories of butterflies or daisies, not a live ones anyway, “She whispers she’s never had sex with a killer.”

The vicious vocal attack from Dope and Reaper is only accentuated with the blistering drops from the dubstep kings Noisia. A Skrillex bass wobble and pounding industrial breakdowns make this an instant mosh pit killer.

Get rowdy with the DJ Mag exclusive premier of 'Rocket' below:

Words: David Sullivan