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Premiere: Paula Cazenave ‘Picky Pigeons (Ben Sims Remix)’

Paula Cazenave steps up on her own Combine Audio label with the ‘Crazy Trip’ EP. Ben Sims closes the release with a relentlessly heavy remix of ‘Picky Pigeons’...

Spanish techno trailblazer Paula Cazenave will release her new EP, Crazy Trip,’ on her own Combine Audio label on 24th September.

A regular DJ on the Spanish techno circuit as well as across Europe, Cazenave has curated a formidable reputation for her high-octane, incendiary productions and this release provides a brash reminder of that while also bringing some breaks and electro flair into the mix.

UK techno legend Ben Sims also delivers two remixes on the EP, bringing even more percussive calamity to the fore. Closing out the EP, Sim’s remix of ‘Picky Pigeons’ is a relentless blast of hard percussion, caustic arpeggios and smashed hi-hats. You can hear it below.