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Premiere: Phil Kieran ‘Scream’

Belfast’s Phil Kieran draws from kosmische and classical as much as techno on his Maeve debut, the ‘Life Cycling’ LP. Hear the rolling snares and choral breakdown of ‘Scream’ now

Phil Kieran will debut on Berlin’s Maeve this month with his ‘Life Cycling’ LP. 

A stalwart of the Belfast scene, the DJ/producer joins the label, run by fellow Irishmen Mano Le Tough and The Drifter along with Baikal, with a stunning 13-track album. It finds him exploring an array of styles, stepping away from the dancefloor throughout the album to draw from genres like kosmische, krautrock, ambient and classical.

Citing influences like Kraftwerk, Bach and Popol Vuh, Kieran describes ‘Life Cycling’ as his most personal work to date. “It’s not easy to work out who you are deep down” he says, “never mind what that might sound like. For the last few years, I have truly been making music that is just me. I have collected all these experiences along the way and find I have finally got to a point I can describe a feeling I have inside; to look for that vibration that really resonates with me, to create it. Life Cycling is a vehicle, and place you can put yourself”.

It marks the first LP to be released via Maeve, whose other releases this year have come from Baikal, Underspreche and Kev Sheridan, as well as a re-issue of New Jackson’s cult classic, ‘The Night Mail’.

‘Scream’ is one of the most club-ready tracks on the album, with rolling snares and a hefty beat leading into a choral breakdown. Check it out below. 

You'll be able to buy 'Life Cycling' via Maeve's Bandcamp.