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Irish techno don’s first Le Carousel material in two years

Irish techno don Phil Kieran has just asked us to host the premiere of his new video — the lead track from his new EP under the ‘Le Carousel’ moniker. Being fans of this project of Phil’s, not to mention pretty much all of what else he does too, we are only too happy to oblige…

Le Carousel is the name Phil used for a woozy, psychedelia-tinged album of 2013 that seemed to hark back to days of yore — specifically childhood. Making full use of the carousel motif and memories of seaside towns, the album was hailed by eminent DJ/producers like Andrew Weatherall and Laurent Garnier — who both agreed to remix tracks from it.

The eponymous album finished up as one of DJ Mag’s albums of the year.

This new EP, Destroy Us’ — out today — hints at a new Le Carousel album from Phil.

The video, made by a fan, perfectly captures the ‘traces of childhood’ feel of the Le Carousel material. Shot as if a wedding video from the ‘70s from various roadside locations from Tampa to Orlando, it’s kitsch and seems to hark back towards a more innocent age.

See it here: