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Premiere: Pleasure Planet ‘Polyboo’

Kim Ann Foxman joins forces with Andrew Potter and Brian Hersey to form Pleasure Planet. With their debut set to launch on their own self : timer imprint, ‘Polyboo’ is a technicolor cosmic disco dream…

Pleasure_Planet_premiere dj mag.jpg
Pleasure_Planet_premiere dj mag.jpg

Kim Ann Foxman is one of those artists who never ceases to blow our minds. As a producer, vocalist, tastemaking DJ, artist and designer, former Hercules & Love Affair member and Firehouse Records founder, you couldn’t say she’s been anything other than prolific in the past decade.

Now, Foxman joins forces with Andrew Potter and Brian Hersey to form Pleasure Planet, a new musical project/”extraterrestrial doomsday cult” that will have you dancing all the way into the apocalypse.

The trio have actually been collaborating in some form another for a few years, sharing a studio space and often experimenting into the night with fusions of their individual sounds. And that creative, experimental freedom is what has lead to the release of their self-titled debut as Pleasure Planet, set for release on their own imprint, self : timer.

Over its four tracks, the EP swerves nearly from strung out psych-pop, italo disco and cosmic house. Premiering below we have the closer, ‘Polyboo’, a glistening, vibrant Technicolor cosmic house dream.

'Pleasure Planet' drops 31st August. 

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