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Bass & Waffles are the best way to start off your mornings.

Muti-faceted Norwegian talent Aleksander Vinter aka Savant is easily one of the most dynamic producers in the game. Seriously, if you visit his SoundCloud page every couple of weeks, you are guaranteed new genre-defying music. This guy NEVER stops producing.

After releasing his tenth LP ‘Protos’ a few weeks ago, followed by a throwback DJ mix, Savant is keeping up the momentum with yet another spanking new mix that is guaranteed to burst your arteries in the best possible way.

In this new ‘Waffle Mix’, Savant is giving away more unreleased tracks, remixes and edits. Keeping to his signature space-fantasy style, he presents a mix that has eclectic, bass driven glitch-hop productions with high-octane, surging electro synths and epic ‘80s inspired guitar riffs.

Listen to the ‘Waffle Mix’ and catch Savant's epic and visually-explosive live show tour. He plays at Slake, NYC on Friday August 29th. Tickets available here