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Premiere: Takecha 'Midnight Things'

Swedish label Love Potion releases the new album from Japanese deep house legend Takecha this Friday – 'Midnight Things' is brief,  jazz influenced slice of laid back groove...

Takecha – real name Takeshi Fukushima – has been producing, deep, groove-laden house for well over two decades now. An understated legend of Japanese electronic music, he has collaborated with the likes of Soichi Terada and Shinichiro Yokota over the years as well as running his own Groove With Machine label since 1995.

Now, he is set to release ‘Deep Soundscapes’ via Swedish label Love Potion. The album encompases the breadth of the Shiga-based producer’s career, with each track being produced between 1993 and 2013. ‘Midnight Things’ – premiering below – is a brief, but beautifully satisfying slice of jazz influenced house with a laid back hip-hop sensibility.

With its delicate keys and tasteful bass groove, ‘Midnight Things’ is the ideal companion for its namesake, for those late night moments where the brain goes on stand-by and you’re left to enjoy the easy sounds without distraction from your hectic thoughts.

Later in the year there will be a remix edition ‘Deep Soundscapes’ landing featuring edits from DJ Sports, Mike Huckaby, Bergqvist, Raam and LNS.

Pre-order ‘Deep Soundscapes’ here