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Listen to “Fuel To The Fire” EP before it drops on Firepower Records

LA bass-makers, Matt Simmers, Jon Spero and Chris Barlow, aka Terravita, don’t simply add “Fuel To The Fire” on their heart-racing four-track EP (out tomorrow, October 14 on Firepower Records), they blast fireworks into the stratosphere and let subatomic thunder down in a new twist on American dubstep.

Igniting a extra flames, which widens the EP’s sonic breadth, Terravita incorporates raw rap on top of title track, “Fuel To The Fire,” then offers up a throwback to ‘90s hip-hop by sampling Master P’s 1997 hit “Make Em Say Uhh.” The familiar tune laid over drum step is an innovative moment amidst a fully-charged, or fueled, offering. This is further proven when Terravita also includes saxophones and other funk-fusion arrangements on closing track “Endangered Species.”

Run for cover, the roof is on fire and Terravita is letting the motha f*cka to burn. Listen to the premiere of “Fuel To The Fire” below.