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Premiere: Thoma Bulwer & Anna Wall ‘Patience’

Thoma Bulwer teams up with regular collaborator and The Bricks label boss Anna Wall for a deep, minimal cruise on the wine dark sea. ‘Patience’ is as moody as it is enthralling...

Dutch-born, Hackney Wick based DJ/producer Thoma Bulwer has been crafting minimal house and techno with a subtle garage twist for quite some time now. Having launched his vinyl only imprint Parasol Culture last year, that tasteful, evocative groove has been permeating its way out of East London in the past 12 months, garnering DJ support from the likes of Mood II Swing,  Cinthie, Burnski, Voigtmann, and Cab Drivers.

The imprint’s first release was a collaboration with his friend, collaborator, The Bricks label boss and recent Boiler Room debutante Anna Wall. Such was the success of the first EP, the pair have teamed up again for Parasol Culture 002 and the results are nothing if not satisfying.

Joining forces for two cuts on the A-Side of the ‘Jandaze’ EP, Bulwer and Wall deliver a deep, minimal cruise on the wine dark sea on ‘Patience’, which you can hear below. Produced during a late night jam session using sync boxes, groove benders and a classic TR-909, this track is as moody as it is enthralling; a deep vibe switch if ever there was one.

The rest of the EP is a treat, with Bulwer’s three solo cuts on the B-side showcasing his modular skills and garage background very nicely. Support for the release has already come from the likes of Maya Jane Coles and Mr. Beatnick.

‘Jandaze’ will be out 12” on 1st June. Pre-order it here.