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Premiere: Yeongrak 'definitfinitfinitely xoxe’

 Mysterious New Zealand producer Yeongrak is up next on Tobago Tracks with the chaotic and experimental ‘youre whole body look like youre whole fucking head’ EP. 'definitfinitfinitely xoxe’ sounds like the moments immediately after waking up from a freaky dream...

We know next to nothing about Yeongrak. The Christchurch, New Zealand-based producer has quite a prolific and scattershot Soundcloud catalog of experimental, harrowing and hallucinogenic electronic music, and that's all we got. Having had an official release with emamouse earlier this year on Quantum Natives, Yeongrak is stepping up now on one of our favourite emerging London labels, Tobago Tracks.

‘youre whole body look like youre whole fucking head’ is set for release this Friday 13th July and it’s frankly berzerk. Playing very fast and loose with notions of rhythm, melody or structure, the four-track EP wields a stream of consciousness sort of mania but has the artistry and effectiveness of something much more carefully pieced together and targeted. It’s the sort of music that triggers feelings of having held your breath for too long. It feels like the moments immediately after waking up from a freaky dream.

'definitfinitfinitely xoxe’ – premiering below – is freezing. Percussive, muffled sound design, yelping voices and hints of a distorted guitar circulate and barrell roll through the speakers as layers build and the track hits its anxious apex. Despite its sparse pulse though, it’s not hard to imagine the track working in some club spaces, all be it the ones with a murkier, experimental inclination. But then, that’s what Tobago Tracks have been doing best lately, having just finished up their residency at Peckham's Rye Wax.

Tobago Tracks have been releasing amazing stuff this year. From object blue’s formidable debut Do you plan to end a siege? to the breathtaking EP1 from ambient producer Lucaufer.