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Prickimage Can't Live Without...

The Edirol V4 Video Mixer

"I resisted it for a while, but now the Edirol V4 video mixer is an integral part of my VJ set-up. With four source inputs and two outputs, it's controlled in a similar way to an audio mixer. "Several times my trusty laptop has freaked out, overloaded by multiple layers of video and manipulation, so it's essential. I can carry on mixing between two DVD players and a video camera input. The beat matching switcher is especially useful for this. "The built-in effects are fun too, though I prefer to do most of my effects in pre-production. Fading video down to black is indispensable for live shows but on occasions I also love to turn up the white light, making the screens of a dark club into strobes; refreshing the visual palette you could call it."