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Listen to Maxim from The Prodigy's first solo single

We Are Noize are a group of artists fronted by Maxim from The Prodigy, collaborating "to make music outside the norm". It's being billed as Maxim's first solo single, although it's not the first time Maxim has ventured into side-projects, remember this?

So far we've only been teased with the one track on their SoundCloud, but it's definitely enough to perk our interests!

The release doesn't, of course, mean that The Prodigy are splitting up or anything. Various members have always had side-projects from time to time, reconvening constantly with the Prodigy mothership to rock the shit out of festivals all around the globe. 

'Dollar Flick' instantly has the swagger about it that every trap anthem needs, building smoothly into a dark and brooding drop which almost has an apocalyptic theme to it; very Maxim, certainly. Guaranteed to turn heads when played on a system.

Listen here: