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Protest rave outnumbers far-right supporters at AfD rally in Berlin

AfD activists were dwarfed by an opposition four times their size

Far-right supporters at an AfD rally were outnumbered four to one by protestors at a demonstration in Berlin on Sunday (27th May).

Approximately 20,000 people, made up of 13 separate groups, turned out in opposition to the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) event in the capital. 

One of the counter-demonstrations was run by Reclaim Club Culture, which gathered representatives from clubs such as ://about blank, Prince Charles, OHM, Salon Zur Wilden Renate, Sisyphos and Tresor. They promised to “bass the AfD away” as they played techno and house music from around 20 speaker-laden vehicles. Reports indicate that the anti AfD protesters vastly outnumbered the AfD itself.

According to police estimates, 5,000 AfD supporters congregated in Berlin’s city centre on Sunday, but were dwarfed by an opposition four times the size of them.

Founded in 2013, AfD is a right-wing political party in Germany that narrowly missed the 5% electoral threshold to sit in the Bundestag (federal parliament) during the 2013 election. Their policies reflect that of an anti-euro party and have recently shifted to focus on immigration and Islam. 

AfD activists could be heard chanting their oft-repeated slogan “we are the people”, which demonstrators countered with “go away Nazis”.

Police were on hand during the protests and reportedly had to use pepper spray when some marchers attempted to break down barriers between the two sides.