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We asked DJs who they think will win the World Cup...

Who do you want to win the World Cup?
“I think everybody wants their own country to win, so I have to pick Russia. Even though they are not popular at the moment. Sport is not politics though, and most people here don't want any politics shit. Most of our people just want peaceful times, so we all support Russia as our nation. We are in a group with Belgium, which is going to be tough. Fabio Capello is our manager though, so we will see.”

Who's going to win the World Cup?
“I think Brazil on their home turf are going to be very tough to beat as they are a great World Cup team. Plus Argentina, Spain, Holland. My outside choice though, is Belgium (sadly in our group), as they have some very good players who have all grown together — Mirallas and Lukaku etc. They are my choice.”