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Miller Music Journalist

 High energy music is the result of hard work creating exceptional sounds, drum kicks, baselines, melodies, lyrics and, in general, an infinite number of effects and production tricks that, in the end, transport all electronic music lovers to another dimension.

Have you ever wondered what stands behind all those layers? What could happen if we leave aside the electronic and dance components to this genre we love and enjoy so much? Many EDM DJs and producers have taken the time to carefully pull off each of the petals that compose their songs, to the point of showcasing, without any ornaments whatsoever, what electronic music is actually made of. 

Acoustic versions of world famous electronic hits is the answer to this question, letting us face and touch the sincere and pure heart of this genre - 

'Concrete Angel', by Christina Novelli and Gareth Emery, is a transcendental electronic icon recently reformed into its acoustic version.


Finally turned into a bare sea of emotions by Hardwell and Amba Shepherd. Apollo in its most sacred version.

This transformation of 'Find You' has the capability of moving people and immerse them into the lyrics. 

One of the last souvenirs left by the dissolved trio Krewella, this song gives us the feeling of being alive and expressing every single emotion your body reflects.

A guitar and an angel’s voice transmits one of the iconic songs that keeps Dash Berlin and Emma Hewitt in the hall of fame of the electronic world. An anthem of love stories.

6. Above & Beyond created a master piece of totally remade songs, such as the beautiful Love is not enough.

Words by: Santiago Peña Gómez

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