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Various Production offers access to exclusive tracks via Interactive app

A collective of electronic music artists and producers – renowned in the industry for its self-effacing approach to publicity – is using a creative iPad puzzle app to promote the release of its latest tracks.

 The app, designed exclusively for Various Production by creative digital agency Code Computerlove, features a series of interactive audio/visual puzzles that, when solved, give users access to exclusive music tracks and videos released as part of the group’s hardware project. Notable remixes and collaborators include Thom Yorke, Alex Clare Sia, Brandy, Cat Power, Emma Pollock, DJ Shadow, Lauren Pritchard, Ian Brown, Missy Elliott, Dave Cloud & The Gospel Of Power, and M.I.A. to name a few.

There are three puzzles to solve, one for each of the new tracks: 'Checking One' (video theme - everywhere is war), ‘The Game’ (video theme - emptiness and isolation) and 'Proyect Gap' (video theme - where is technology taking us?). A bonus track can also be accessed if the user shares the app on social media.

Listen to 'Checking One' below:

Here’s a teaser video from Various Productions… don’t be too puzzled.

Download the app for free here.