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Rebekah: ‘The UK is a home for faster and harder sounds’

Birmingham’s finest is “leaning towards more industrial sounds"...

Rebekah has praised the UK for providing a home for “faster and harder sounds” which she has faced “backlash” from fans for exploring.

“UK artists are more interesting in their choice of sounds and references to their past influences,” the 38-year-old DJ told Four Four. “It’s also a home for the faster and harder sounds to be explored.”

She added: “I have had such backlash for ‘being too fast and too hard’, that I needed to create a place where there are no boundaries.”

The Birmingham-born techno wizard talks about starting out in the industry, switching genres and the popularity of techno in the far-reaching interview, published earlier this week. She also discussed the “new sound” she has been pursuing.

“Mainly it’s about an energy within techno that I am looking for,” she explained. “I’m leaning towards the more industrial sounds that are out there, possibly more UK in essence.”

Commenting on techno’s perceived resurgence, Rebekah said: “It’s just a wonderful time to be around it, to see the young kids really getting in to the sound all over Europe and beyond makes me super happy.”

She continued: “It’s almost like I can see myself at a younger age experiencing it for the first time.”

Rebekah is currently playing a short run of European dates — performing shows in Ireland, Germany, France and more during May.

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