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Omid 16B's free album gets props from DJ readers

Omid 16B's studio album 'Like 3 Ears and 1 Eye', given away free with issue 454 of the magazine, has been met with a rapturous response from DJmag readers. The album, an experiment from the seasoned house and techno producer in releasing his music in a new way, received praise from many readers who voiced their approval on Forum regular Eric Lee was just one who singled the album out for praise.
"Loved it, it's good that 16B did this as I'm sure we all realise that he could have easily sold this album at full price," Lee reckoned.
But he was unsure whether Omid's following in the footsteps of mega artists like Prince in giving the album away for free would signal any changes in the music industry.
"I don't think it will signal any massive change in the industry. At the moment it is still just a marketing tool really. It's only suitable for established artists who already have the exposure, success and equipment they need," he added.
Another reader who dug the album was Anthony Grae.
"I've been a fan of Omid for quite a long time so this was something I was looking forward to for a while. It was a good deed of him to just give it away," Grae thought.
Omid 16B has been on a whistle-stop world tour to promote the new album, taking in China, Canada and Eastern Europe. Stay tuned for a review of his China dates, coming soon.