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Reloop release new do it all media player.

Reloop can do no wrong, challenging the big guns in all departments with their well made and fully function DJ equipment for both the beginner and professional user alike. So it’s no surprise that they have announced the release of their all-new RMP–4 Hybrid Media Player, just in time for this year’s BPM show.

The RMP–4 Hybrid Media Player will play Audio from CDs, USB Drives and Control Software via MIDI.

Its an all in one player that will appeal to a wealth of DJs with its combination of CD player, USB player and performance software controller.

Its all new performance inspired layout is designed to encourage simpler workflow. The deck features four performance modes and also comes with eight trigger pads as well as Hot Cue, Hot Loop, Loop Roll, Sampler features. There are also MIDI Mappings available for the majority of popular DJ software.

The RMP–4 is an all in one DJ solution for DJs everywhere at a stunning price of £375.