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Iconic brand looking to crowdfund mobile launch

If you are of a certain age, you will certainly remember eJay, the software that helped to democratise dance music production.

The early, sample-based sequencer, on Playstation was many artists first foray into music production.

Now Wired Productions, a games company from Watford, UK are aiming to crowdfund a relaunch of the project on iOS and Android platforms. 

Having invested £150,000 of their own capital into the project, they are looking to match that with pledges from users of the Kickstarter website where you can pledge anywhere from £1 to £5,000 towards making the project a reality.

As incentive for pledging funds, there are series of rewards, which range from free sample packs (exclusive to Kickstarter pledgers) all the way through to a 2 day production masterclass with eJay engineers.

You can check out the campaign and make a pledge HERE.