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Jackmaster, T Williams and Bondax roadblock last Friday

XOYO probably isn’t the most lavish club you’ve ever frequented. In fact, it’s pretty much the opposite, with a diminutive smoking area and two fairly grubby dancefloors among its more recognisable aspects. Not that it ever seems to matter; for it tends to attract a crowd that’s far more interested in partying than looking cool. And if you’ve ever paid a visit to a generic London club, chances are you’ll understand the importance of such traits.

And few DJs are as adept at getting the party started as Radio 1’s eclectic spinner de jour, Jackmaster. The fervent crowd seemed to take head of the fact too, and in spite of the freezing conditions outside, they arrived en masse: each one hoping to catch a glimpse of a DJ whose stock has multiplied ten-fold since he joined the BBC ranks. With fledgling teenage duo Bondax playing warm-up, it’s perhaps unsurprising that such factors contributed to a younger than usual crowd. What they lacked in raving miles they more than made up for in atmosphere however, with a heaving dancefloor making their presence felt from start to finish.

While Bondax’s poise behind the decks was to be admired, the night – expectedly – belonged to Jackmaster, who left patrons enthralled with his prolific mixing and astute track selection. Admittedly, the Numbers boss’ relentless style isn’t to everyone’s taste (and while he didn’t venture as far afield as he might have at say, a Secretsundaze gig) his was a set that was positively bulging with sultry 4/4 strands and arm-raising moments alike.

The same could be said for T William’s culminating set. He proved an apt foil to what had come before, and kept matters similarly straight laced via the unleashing of ubiquitous anthems such as Hardrive’s seminal 'Deep Inside', Dennis Ferrer’s 'Hey Hey' and his own anthem, 'Moving Fast'. Incidentally, the night itself did exactly that, with XOYO shutting its doors some time around the 3am mark. But hey, if it’s a quick dancing fix without the perils of an early morning finish you’re after, there are far worse alternatives.

Words: Stephen Flynn