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Off Recordings boss on the past...

First ever tune you bought?
“Michael Jackson 'Thriller'.”

First two tunes you tried to mix?
“'Probably something by Future Funk and Daft Punk.'”

First-ever gig?
“Quite a mess (laughs). It was in my long-closed, back-then favourite club in Düsseldorf, one of the monitors did not work and I was terribly nervous, which resulted in messing up loads of mixes.”

Fondest club experience?
“So many, especially in recent times... whenever you get the crowd to the point where you can play more adventurously — and the more extreme your choice of tunes, the more the people go crazy for [them].”

Worst club experience?
“A bad soundsystem and a crowd more busy fiddling with their smartphones than enjoying the party.”

Most mental gig?
“Eastern Electrics Festival 2013.”

Most crucial club of all-time?
“I will answer this for me personally: Harpune, Düsseldorf. It's for sure not as relevant for the world as Panorama Bar or DC10, but it's where I had my first longterm residency and learned loads about DJing.”

Any era, anywhere?
“I honestly love living today, because underground house and techno is a worldwide established phenomenon thanks to the internet. If I had to choose another place and era, it would be New York in the golden days of (underground) disco in the late '70s and early '80s.”

Off Recordings celebrates five years of the label with a showcase at Egg LDN on Friday 14th February with Andre Crom, Leftwing & Kody, Mat.Joe and Robosonic.

Off Recordings at Egg LDN