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Hot Creations chick casts a backwards glance

First record you ever bought?

“I remember spending some vouchers I got for my birthday about age eight on a reggae compilation tape, which is quite random.”

First two tunes you tried to mix?

“My first two vinyl records were Mylo 'Drop The Pressure' and 'Love Story' by Layo & Bushwaka. I started out on some crappy turntables and gave them away for free to a budding DJ when I finally upgraded to Technics.”

First-ever gig?

“A friend and I were doing a season in ibiza and managed to blag ourselves a gig at one of the less revered clubs. This was around the time I'd first started DJing. To get the gig we had to say we played funky house and we wanted to play out really badly, so we just agreed to do it even though we didn't have any, and we got chucked off the decks!”

Worst/fondest club experience?

“My fondest and worst club experience are probably the same; when I was sick on the dancefloor at the Space Closing Party about five or six years ago, at the exact same time that one of my friends proposed to his girlfriend! Luckily it didn’t put her off, she said yes.”

Most mental event?

“Had my drink spiked once and thought I was in the Truman show for about 12 hours. That was pretty mental.”

Most significant club of all time?

“The End or Fabric.”

Any era, anywhere?

“I would have loved to have been around when the whole house scene was kicking off in the late '80's at Paradise Garage and the Warehouse in the USA, or in London for the M25 raves. I feel like I was there in spirit though.”

Catch Ceri at Faceless at Rhythm Factory, London, on Saturday 3rd August