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Arms & Legs/Frontroom house master digs deep

First record you ever bought?

“Depeche Mode 'Greatest Hits'. It was before The Berlin Wall came down so it was very special to get a record from The West. I'll never forget it — one of the most exciting moments of my childhood.”

First-ever gig?

“Someone gave one of my mixtapes to an owner of a club two hours out of Berlin, who asked me to play. All my friends came on the train. I was so excited I couldn't talk or eat. There were only 15 people there, but they all danced like crazy, including the people working behind the bar. It was a humble beginning, but great vibes.”

Fondest club experience?

“When I was 14 I went to the then-legendary Bunker Club. I'll never forget when the bouncer opened the huge metal door to what seemed like another world, so dark and intense.”

bunker home 02
Worst club experience?

“A three-hour drive to a gig in Russia, without doubt one of the scariest experiences of my life. There weren't any seat-belts or even seats! We sat on milk crates. The driver was driving 200km/hr on slippery roads. One guy with us was wielding two massive guns. Police pulled us over for speeding, it looked like money was exchanged... I felt like I was in a gangster film!”

Most mental event?

“Playing the sunrise set on a beach in Sicily, everyone dancing in the ocean… it was magic.” 

Most significant club of all-time?

“The Paradise Garage, New York — it was the inception of underground clubbing as we know it today.”

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Any era, anywhere?

“New York in the '70s to see the start of the club scene.”