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House cat on his not so distant past

First record you ever bought?
“Faithless 'Insomnia'.”

First two tunes you tried to mix...
“Ha! To be honest I have no idea exactly. I imagine something like Freefall 'Skydive' and Lost Tribe 'Game Master' as I was bang into trance (still am).”

First-ever gig?
“First club gig, I was like 16 in my hometown Warrington, a club called Casi that we all used to go to, they would just let anyone in. No monitors and I had to cart my own decks down, but it really gave me a taste for playing in front of people and on a big soundsystem.”

Fondest club experience?
“There has been a fair few over the years but possibly Tidy Weekender, one of the best as a clubber. The atmosphere is always spot on at hard house events because everyone is there for one reason…the music! None of this poser, looking cool shit (laughs)!”

Worst club experience?
“Er... to be honest I generally won't go to a club I know I won't like… life’s too short to listen to bad music.”

Most mental event?
“This one is more mental to me personally. Playing sunset at Savannah was really special to me. I have been going to Ibiza for years and watching the sunset before going out. To play a two-hour set with a live saxophonist was one of the best feelings!”

Most significant event?
“One of the standouts for me this year has to be Secret Garden Party.”

Most significant club scene?
“Apart from the house and techno scene, hard house purely for how passionate the people involved are.”

Any era, anywhere?
“It would have to be the '80s/early '90s for sure. Either Detroit or UK, and I would have had 303s running all day long!”