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'R&B Drunkie' raises a glass to the past...

First ever record you bought?

“Bizarre Inc 'Playing With Knives' in 1991, when I was 16 from Ruby Red Records in Wolverhampton.”

First ever gig?

“SLAM nightclub, Wolverhampton, 1994. I still remember it vividly. Small basement, 100 people, perfect.”

Fondest club experience?

“I played at AIR in Japan last year, amazing sound, amazing crowd, great booth.”

Worst club experience?

“As a club goer, John Kelly at Swoon in Stafford. About to step into the club and a police van pulls up and me and my four mates are grabbed and put in the back on suspicion of drug dealing. Sent off to the station and strip searched, they obviously find nothing on us and let us go with no apology or explanation. This was at the time when the criminal justice bill came in and the police were doing this kind of thing regularly to innocent people.”

Most mental event?

“I played at Arma 17 in Moscow last year, and that really is a mental place, Russian version of Panorama Bar which comes a close second when I played the 9 am to 1pm spot last year, reaaaaly mental.”

Most significant club of all time?

“Close call between The Music Box in Chicago and the Paradise Garage in New York.”

Any era, anywhere?

"I often wonder how great it must have been to have gone to Ibiza with Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling and Nicky Holloway and experience the untouched Balearic atmosphere and being involved in how they brought that back to the UK, it seems like such an exciting time.”