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With Miller Genuine Draft

For our third Rewind feature, dedicated to 2014’s Miller SoundClash finalists, we are in Russia to catch up with MOS, a DJ who was famous in his home country for his mash-up style, but is now enjoying new styles of music, and winning new fans across the world…

MOS! Great to speak to you. What has been going on since Miller SoundClash 2014?

“It has been an amazing year! I had a huge and exiting tour all over Russia. I performed everywhere - Moscow to Vladivostok - during this tour. Also I had the honour to share the stage with Sven Vath in Miami, in November, so this year was full of highlights!”

Have you been releasing some new music?

“Hell yeah! My first single - ‘FAT BAD BEAT’ smashed Russian dance floors. And this inspires me to go bigger!”

What have been your most memorable events of the year?

“The highlight has to be Halloween, when I played in Miami with Sven Vath! Just imagine - a Russian dude spinning next to Sven on his 50th birthday party on one of the biggest American holidays - it was amazing! I also hit the stage with the world famous DJ Lethal, who is Limp Bizkit’s tour DJ.”

How has your fanbase grown this year?

“This year I’ve seen a real change in my audience. I was known for spinning mashups. But I’ve evolved more now to EDM, so the fans have changed too. Now I’m busy winning the EDM audience!”

Are you still based in your home nation or are you enjoying life/music success anywhere new?

“I’m still based in Moscow, Russia. But I’ve recently fallen in love and we’re marrying and moving to Miami or LA very soon!”

Do you believe your Miller SoundClash exposure has aided any of the success you’ve enjoyed?

”Absolutely! After Miller SoundClash I became almost a national hero here in Russia. There were a lot of TV-shows and articles about me taking Vegas! After that I had a huge tour across Russia and a residency in the craziest Moscow venue called Gipsy.”

What was your favourite memory from last year’s competition? 

“The entire trip! Performing poolside for the best people in the world, hanging out with Tiesto and the nicest people from the industry and foreign countries. That was an amazing experience! It was the highlight of my entire life!”

What would be your one tip or recommendation to those guys currently creating their mix for Miller SoundClash 2015?

“First of all – I want to be that guy again! All I want to recommend is - listen to your heartbeat and go big!”

What DJs from your country are on your ones-to-watch list and that we should look out for in the competition?

“There is one guy that is rocking Russia right now - DJ Andys.“

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