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Cubism's live wizard consults his rave memory

First record you ever bought?

“Bob Marley and The Wailers album, but the first electronic record was Aphex Twin 'Ambient Works'. Amazing. Still one of favourite albums of all time.”

Favourite gadget?

“My Roland MC909. It's a '90's studio in a box but geared for performance. Great for performing live with, and has a great old skool way of working. Not as easy as the new ways but much more rewarding!”

First ever gig?

“A great illegal warehouse party for a collective called Second Cell, one of the last underground house sound systems that did parties up to the early '00's in london.”

Fondest club experience?

"Far to many to mention but a recent highlight would be the DJ mag party on the terrace of Space Ibiza. Also Fabric this year was amazing.”

Worst club experience?

“At an certain open Air party in Ibiza, a stoned sound engineer unplugged my set up three times during a live performance to a 1000 people. My Roland MC909 takes about five minutes to load up so it completely ruined the show. I was pretty pissed to say the least.”

Most mental event?

“An illegal party in Berlin was just completely off the hook in a ruin in the industrial party of the city. Quality!”

Most significant club of all time?

“The End. I worked there for eight years as a technician and it opened my mind to underground house as I was Detroit purist in the 90's.”

Any era, anywhere?

"Would be tempted to say london in '88 at the dawn of the scene as we know it, but honestly I would say now! The scene is great at the moment and I am happy to be doing what I am doing in this time.”