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With Miller Genuine Draft

Mexican duo Tom & Collins overcame thousands of DJs to become the first ever Miller SoundClash Champions. Last summer, the charismatic pair played a headline set to a packed house at Marquee Las Vegas - and the months that followed can only be described as a whirlwind! We caught up with the duo in Mexico, to see how things have progressed...

What have you been up to since leaving Las Vegas last August?
“We spent the last part of 2014 touring and these first months of 2015 in the studio.”

Has this been a successful year for you musically?
“Yes! We have just signed a record deal with Aftercluv Dance Lab, a Universal Music label and we're happy to say we've found our sound!”

Amazing news! Congratulations. how would you define this sound?
“House and deep house.”

Great. And you have been playing some incredible events and festivals too...
“Yes. This year we have played Beyond Wonderland in San Francisco, Halfway to EDC in Mexico and we got to spend NYE with Alesso in Playa del Carmen! We also made it to Vaiven Festival in Mexico, as well as Wish Outdoor. One of the best things about this year is that we got to travel to countries where we hadn't played before, which is always cool.”

So do you feel your fanbase is growing then?
“Yes, we've gained quite a few followers on social media. Our recent remixes have driven this. People are really engaging with our sound now.”

Are you still based in your home nation or are you enjoying life music success anywhere new?
“We are Still based in lovely Mexico D.F.”

How has your Miller SoundClash exposure aided your success?
“It has been great for us. Everybody is proud of us back home and we got to know a lot of DJs and people who are involved in the music business from all around the world. Its an achievement that everybody asks us about. I think everybody was very excited that we brought the trophy home.”

What was your favourite memory from last year’s competition?
“We loved the whole experience, but Playing at Marquee Nightclub with Dash Berlin was the highlight! 

I’m sure you have noticed already, but Miller SoundClash 2015 is now open for entrants. What advice would you give to the DJs aiming to follow your footsteps?
“Be original! Let the judges know your personal taste in your track selection. And imagine you're already in Vegas when putting your mix together.” 

Finally, what is next for Tom & Collins?
Lots of new music, especially originals and cool collaborations. We also expect to tour with Aftercluv once our music is released.”

Grab a free download of the latest Tom & Collins release below. Follow Miller SoundClash on Mixcloud.