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Join the Kickstarter campaign launched by Andrea Parker and friends

“For 60+ years, art has adorned the sleeves of records, a visual expression of what's inside. We're about to Rewire this relationship.”

This is the concept behind the fantastic new audio and visual arts project Rewire, launched by Gamma Proforma boss Rob Swain and Andrea Parker (pictured above), head of both Touchin' Bass and Aperture Records.

The principle is simple — a selection of abstract, urban visual artists from around the world will create a body of work, which experimental electronic producers will then interpret through music. 

Rewire will culminate in a multi-media exhibition opening August 9th at Gamma Transport Division in Edinburgh. However, Swain and Parker want to make the project available to everyone — and they need your help!

With its target of £5000, the Rewire Kickstarter campaign will produce a book and vinyl box-set of all the work created through the project. Pledges start at £1 with the reward of a single track, and as expected the bigger the contribution the bigger the reward!

Speaking to DJ Mag, Swain explained what inspired them to take on the project:

"This is likely the nearest I'll get to a perfect project, art and music are integral to everything I do. Rewire explores their relationships, raising questions about how we value each depending on context or setting. For example, MP3s don't require a package, yet we still attach art to them. The experience of viewing a painting can be altered profoundly when combined with sound, yet it's rarely presented this way.”

Andrea Parker also wanted to explore how art and music go hand in hand, adding:

“I’ve always wanted to curate, collaborate and combine all things art and electronics — and this was the perfect solution. Graphic art and sound is a forgotten but hugely important part of our vinyl history. I’m sure we’ve all bought records for just the art on the cover. It gives the music an identity. Rewire is an experiment which turns this around. It’s all about pictures of sound, a collection that seeks to challenge the audio artists — giving them a reason to write.”

For full details of the Rewire project, or to pledge go to the campaign page here.

Or check out the Rewire Campaign video here

Words: Ben Hindle