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Techno pioneer composes new music for 1928 film Brumes d’automne

For the latest creative venture from French film director Bertrand Bonello, musicians Richie Hawtin (Plastikman) and Diana Soh have been invited to individually re-create the score for Dimitiri Kirsanoff’s 1928 silent masterpiece, Brumes d’automne.

A special exhibition at Centre Pompidou in Paris, starting September 19th, will showcase the musical adaptations alongside the original images as a way of asking the question: 'What would we see differently if the music was different?'

As well as his own rendition of the score, Bonello aims to present four different twelve-minute compositions alongside the classic picture including the original score by Paul Devred.

Hawtin, being no stranger to grand exhibitions of his musical explorations, seems like the perfect choice to bring a modern perspective to the classic emotional film.

With his live Plastikman performance at the Guggenheim Museum in New York and his performance for the activation of Anish Kapoor’s sculpture Leviathon at Paris’s Grand Palais in 2011 receiving such high acclaim, Hawtin is thrilled to have the opportunity to make his mark on the film-scoring world in such poignant fashion.

For more info on the exhibition and tickets, go here 

Words: James Goatman