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Roger Sanchez on tour

Exclusive behind the scenes footage

Roger Sanchez is an undoubted legend amongst house fans who know their onions - or indeed the history of house music.

Born in Queens, New York, he was amongst the first DJs and producers to push the fledgling sound of house towards the huge global phenomena it is today, touring the world to take the New York sound into hitherto uncharted territories, rightly becoming considered one of the first superstar DJs along the way.  

How old you are depends how much you’ll remember so let us jog your memory. Want some classic Strictly Rhythm? Try 1990’s ‘Luv Dancin’’ under the Underground Solution moniker.

Skip to ’94 for DJmag favourite ‘Time 2 Stop’ under his famous The S-Man alias or revisit 2001 when he hit the top of the UK charts with ‘Another Chance’.

Having also remixed everyone from Daft Punk to Michael Jackson, successfully run a number of label including Stealth, and set-up and continued to run his own Release Yourself night, Roger’s remained tirelessly dedicated to house throughout the changing winds of fashion.

Ex-DJmag writer Terry Church spent the summer following Roger around Ibiza finding out about life on and off-stage, from landing in his private jet to playing at Space, and we have an exclusive look at the first party in the film.