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Roland unleash the new Aria System 1 synth...

Roland are dropping the new Aira System 1 Synth to the masses this Thursday night with a world premier perfromance  and a rather special Q & A from Marshall Jefferson, Luke Solomon, Sister Bliss and Adamski. The DJs wil be supplying the narrative of future, past and present sounds, a complete tie-in with the theme of the event which will be focusing on the origins of house and techno right through to now and the future. On the night there will also be some live jams on the original 909, 808 and 303 boxes and also the New Roland Aira Range too, as well as a live Q&A session

In a nod to the past, the future is here with the Aira System 1 Synth that — in a twist and play on the word Plug-In — allows users to load up classic synths from Roland's past. Plug Out is the new terminology that has been introduced into the all new System 1 Synth, and basically means that when Roland are ready they can introduce the rebirth of one of their well-loved classics. The first classic synth to get this new Plug Out treatment is the old acid and techno favourite the SH101. As with the TB-3 and TR-8, the new SH101 will complete the line-up of Roland legends that have helped shape the dance music scene as we know it today.

Tickets have sold out for this world exclusive at SSR Camden headquarters in London, however you can still be part of the launch of this future classic as the good news is you don't have to miss out on the event as it is going to be beamed live to the internet as well as an interactive webinar. You can watch here, get in quick as places are limited.

Welcome to the future.